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 Our Latest Recipient and Donor Ads/Profiles
Title - Dated Location
Title: Married, in 30's, seeking to start a family 2017/3/15 ID
Title: Two embryos for donation 2017/3/14 Alabama
Title: family of FOUR with MORE love to share seeks snowflakes 2017/3/14 Utah
Title: Praying for our miracle embryos to arrive! 2017/3/13 Texas
Title: Seeking to share the gift of parenthood with open, local cou... 2017/3/11 Washington
Title: Hoping for a Rainbow after Fullterm Stillbirth 2017/3/8 Prescott
Title: Looking for a loving family for our remaining embryos 2017/3/7 TX
Title: Two professional moms in waiting 2017/3/3 TX
Title: Hoping for a dream come true 2017/3/2 New York
Title: **MATCHED** Two embryos available 2017/2/27 Illinois
Title: 5 Miracles Waiting 2017/2/25 MI
Title: 3 Embies, Professional Loving Family of 4, looking for an op... 2017/2/25 CT
Title: Loving couple hoping for a sibling for our "super aweso... 2017/2/23 North Carolina
Title: Loving couple of mixed heritage seeking to start a family 2017/2/23 Vermont
Title: Seeking the Adventure of a Lifetime 2017/2/23 Virginia
Title: One embryo available for donation 2017/2/16 New York
Title: Seeking Jewish embryos to complete our family 2017/2/16 OR
Title: Fun and Loving Christian Family Praying for a Miracle 2017/2/13 Saskatchewan
Title: Four embies seek open relationship 2017/2/6 CO
Title: High school sweethearts praying for a blessing! 2017/2/2 Montana
Title: Loving multiracial Christian couple looking to adopt bi-raci... 2017/1/31 Nova Scotia
Title: Two Embryos Looking for a Mom & Dad 2017/1/28 DE
Title: Two Embryos available for semi-open donation 2017/1/27 MD
Title: Looking for an open family 2017/1/24 Oregon
Title: Asian/Caucasian Couple in Seattle seeking parenthood 2017/1/24 WA
Posted by paloma on 2011/12/9 18:11:00 (4751 reads)

After 10 long years of multiple IVF cycles and so many losses - our dream came true….

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Posted by paloma on 2010/9/17 5:15:00 (5172 reads)

We have been asked by Hannah Dowling (a senior at Elon University pursuing research on women's experiences with embryo donation) to post this here at the Miracles Waiting website.

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Posted by paloma on 2010/2/15 17:48:00 (4567 reads)

We have been asked by Anna Magee (a Journalist doing a feature on embryo adoption for a UK glossy magazine named Grazia) to post this here at the Miracles Waiting website.

She would like to profile a British woman who is either currently pregnant or has had a baby through embryo donation.

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Posted by paloma on 2009/7/21 16:10:00 (6871 reads)

This story "A perfect match for us on so many levels..." was sent to us by one of our members. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and send it to us so we can post it here!!!

Thank you,
The Miracles Waiting Team

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Posted by paloma on 2009/5/27 11:57:00 (5078 reads)

“I struggled for years over what to do with my embryos…. now I am resolved…… and because of MW I made a lovely connection to this amazing couple, who struggled for years with failed IVF, failed donor egg….. and who will soon be parents.” SAYS ONE OF OUR FORMER DONORS.

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Posted by paloma on 2009/1/12 2:09:00 (4723 reads)

This story "A Match Made by God" was sent to us by one of our members. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and send it to us so we can post it here!!!

Thank you,
The Miracles Waiting Team

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Posted by paloma on 2007/10/5 22:01:00 (8257 reads)

“When I first signed up with Miracles I was little skeptical. After all, I had contacted over thirty clinics in the U.S. and had only found three who offered donor embryo programs and the waiting list was about three years because of the high demand.

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Posted by paloma on 2007/7/13 21:01:00 (3997 reads)

Members with Comcast.net email accounts - Please read

Comcast has been blocking us from contacting anyone with a comcast email and we keep having to contact them to have it unblocked. While they allow the emails through for a few days, they quickly block them again. They supposedly don't like the format of the form that we are using to communicate with our members! If you could use another email address like yahoo, that would probably be the best solution, just so you don't miss any email from a donor or recipient that might try to contact you through our system.

The Miracles Waiting Team

Posted by paloma on 2007/3/14 18:35:00 (20910 reads)

“We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity you gave us,” SAYS NEW MOTHER.

NEWS RELEASE Date: March 14, 2007 CONTACT: Janey Cleveland Email: info@miracleswaiting.org


Two families came together in a very special and unique way to bring about this birth. “This miracle baby birth is the first birth from Miracles Waiting that we know of, although there have been many pregnancies and I suspect they just haven't told us of the births,” says Janey Cleveland, founder and President of Miracles Waiting. This special baby’s incredible journey into this world began when a tiny frozen embryo was thawed and transferred to his recipient mother. “After three FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) attempts with the donated embryos, we found success!!” says Anne, the new mother. In most cases between 50-80% of the frozen embryos typically survive the thawing process and continue dividing. The overall chance of pregnancy with a FET is 20% - 25% per transfer. While this number may seem low, it still offers great hope for the many thousands of infertile couples who may benefit from receiving donated embryos.

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Posted by paloma on 2006/12/1 4:52:00 (4425 reads)

November 29, 2006

Dear Members and Visitors,

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit Miracles Waiting. We have grown so much since we were founded in 2004! We have made at least 15 matches, and keep making more each year. We have become well known in the embryo donation community, and are contacted frequently by professionals in infertility clinics looking to find out more about us. We have placed brochures in every major clinic in the U.S., and hope to do so again soon with your continued financial support. We have advertisements with Google and Yahoo, and hope to advertise in more publications in the future.

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