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 Our Latest Recipient and Donor Ads/Profiles
Title - Dated Location
Title: Warm & Loving Couple Very Eager for Bundle of Joy 2017/5/18 NC
Title: Embryos Available 2017/5/16 NE
Title: Praying for little miracles to start and grow family 2017/5/5 IN
Title: Loving Christian family in Colorado seeks embryos to complet... 2017/5/5 Colorado
Title: Want to donate so you can experience the joy a child brings 2017/5/3 TX
Title: Couple Looking to build our forever family 2017/4/29 Nevada
Title: Loving christian family waiting for their snowflake to love 2017/4/27 Tx
Title: Happy Family looking to help another couple be Happy 2017/4/27 Pennsylvania
Title: Outdoor loving couple seeking our rainbow(s) 2017/4/26 TX
Title: Loving Family Waiting for Our Snowflakes <3 2017/4/23 Texas
Title: Seeking loving christian family for embryo donation 2017/4/22 WA
Title: Looking for an open donation relationship with a recipient f... 2017/4/22 CA
Title: Married for 9 years and hoping for a miracle 2017/4/18 CA
Title: Couple Searching for Embryo to Complete Family 2017/4/16 Virginia
Title: Seeking a deserving couple to adopt our high quality embryo.... 2017/4/13 North Carolina
Title: Seeking loving Christian couple 2017/4/13 Idaho
Title: Beach Lovin Entrepreneurs Looking for 2nd Child to Love 2017/4/12 California
Title: Young couple hoping to expand our family! 2017/4/8 Saskatchewan
Title: **MATCHED** Interested in donating 3 embryos 2017/4/7 Oregon
Title: 5 embryos for adoption from kind and loving family 2017/4/7 MA
Title: Grateful for one IVF Miracle but Moms still hopeful 2017/4/6 Montana
Title: Our family is complete; We want to help start yours! 2017/4/3 PA
Title: Looking for Christian Couple for 8 Embryos 2017/4/3 Oregon
Title: Fun Loving Couple Looking For Our Miracle! 2017/3/31 New York
Title: Hoping to find a loving family for our 2 embryos 2017/3/30 Oregon

My husband and I had embryos listed with you.  They were listed as match pending.
Not only did everything work out with the match but the recipient couple has now had a positive pregnancy test.
I just wanted to let you know, as I can no longer login.  I also wanted to thank Miracles Waiting for being there to provide such a wonderful service.

March 18, 2007

"We posted an ad with you last March. We were selected several times by donors. We worked with the first couple for about four months and then they discovered they could not donate their embryos to us because they had received them anonymously from their clinic and if they did not use them personally the clinic retained all rights. The second couple is Canadian and that was a perfect match. However Canadian laws are so restrictive that we could not legally get them into this country and a "known" donation is illegal in Canada. We are still good friends, but that loss was rough because we really wanted it to work with another couple. A third couple selected us and they lived within a two hour drive and we thought that would work well. However, once the donor mother read the actual contract, she changed her mind about donating at all to anyone. Then we received a fourth response from a donor couple that had initially chosen another couple. The couple they chose were not able to go through the transfer because the recipient wife's physical condition was not suitable. So, of course we were still interested and the contractual process as well as embryo shipping was complete within 8 weeks or so.
Out of seven thawed embryos, three survived and were transferred on March 2, 2007.
We had a positive urine and blood test yesterday. My hcg was 1435!  So, YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!

Thank you so much for all that you guys have done in creating this site.  We will keep you posted.  L."
March 16, 2007

"I really just want you to know how special it is that you have started this website. I just started looking into embryo donation. I have been through the gamut of fertility treatments and have one child. If I had left over
embies, I would donate them in a second.

Regardless of what my situation is, I think that creating this site is ultimately generous and kind. It is much needed and appreciated. Of all the people in the world, I have found those going through infertility treatments to be the most kind, understanding and generous~you prove this to be true. You should be proud to be helping like you are."
May 25, 2006

"Thanks for marking us MATCHED! It was so exciting to see that word next to our names! We really appreciate this website and the hope we now have for a new baby in our family! Please thank the ladies who started this website for us! We will let you know if we become pregnant with these embryos and if and when a baby is born from them! THANKS A MILLION for all of your support! You are wonderful!!!"
April 20, 2006

"Finally a website designed by women who truly understand the pain of infertility. Your site is great, it allows people to talk to each other and find each other without a middle man in between, what could be better! I knew I was looking for a better option and I think I've finally found it. Thank you for taking the time to care and help others in your shoes."
Julie - April 16, 2006

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"As a donor embryo recipient mom, I can say I wish this website would have been available to me several years ago! Super site! Nicely done! Very informative! Thank you for your great work in helping others."

Robin - Texas

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