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"Today a new sun rises for me; everything lives, everything is animated, everything seems to speak to me of my passion, everything invites me to cherish it..."

-Anne de Lenclos


Miracles Waiting was formed after one of our founders posted a message on an infertility bulletin board looking for help in starting a website dedicated to helping embryo donors and potential recipients find one another. The interest was overwhelming, and in October 2004, the nonprofit organization Miracles Waiting was born.

Since 2012, Miracles Waiting has been operated as an LLC, Miracles Waiting LLC.

We have been working to try to reflect those changes to the website - changing from Miracles Waiting, Inc. to Miracles Waiting LLC, or just simply Miracles Waiting but it is taking more time than was hoped. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Thank you for your interest in Miracles Waiting!

About Miracles Waiting:

Miracles Waiting is independent, and not affiliated with any religious organization or adoption agency.

Miracles Waiting does not turn anyone down because of race, age, marital status, sexual preferences, or religion. We feel that such requirements are the concern of those donating and receiving embryos in accordance with their own preferences, circumstances and beliefs, and should not be determined by Miracles Waiting. We offer embryo donors and recipients the opportunity to find each other, but we allow them the freedom to work out the details of their embryo donation on their own terms. We have been very successful in this endeavor, and have made hundreds of matches, many of which have resulted in pregnancies.

Also, we are not a clinic and we don't have embryos available for donation in storage. Our program is entirely web based; it works as a matching service for donors and recipients.  This allows the donors to make "known" donations, and for both the donors and recipients to create the agreement and relationship they want. It is always up to the family donating the embryos who they pick for their embryos, and not us.
We do not do the matching. Most donations arranged through Miracles Waiting are known donations and, at a minimum, the families will have email contact directly with each other.
The way we work at Miracles Waiting is as follows: recipients pay a one time fee of $150 to post a profile if they want, and they also are able to contact (or be contacted by) potential donors. But all we do is facilitate the match between the donor and the recipient. The rest will be between the donor and the recipient families. Also, both of the clinics (recipient and donor) should help guide the families through the process of embryo donation, as each clinic has different requirements.

Our fee is $150.
And as we understand the existing law, it is illegal to pay the donor family for their embryos... donors cannot be compensated for their embryos.

Also, recipient families will pay (but not to us) for expenses having to do with the embryo transfer, clinic expenses, the embryo donation contract, possible embryo storage, medications, etc.
You can learn more about the embryo donation process HERE

The link below will show copies of the most recent donor ads/profiles published at the site, and also some of the matches ("matched" means the embryos are no longer available). They are available at the link to view only.


If you would like to become a member of Miracles Waiting, please visit HERE


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Nearly 600,000 embryos are stored in the United States,
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