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MATCHED! lesbian embryo/ivf resources available


Adoption laws discriminate against lesbians so we're hoping to help level the playing field with our donation.


Preference of living distance from recipient:
Doesn't matter

Information about the embryo(s):

Number of embryos available

Overall embryo batch quality
These embryos were frozen immediately to give the best chance of successful thaw later so their quality is unknown. The embryos we did not freeze from this batch were near-perfect. Pregnancy carried to term on first try for each of two IVF transfers.

Year frozen

Name and city/state of clinic where embryos were created
New Jersey

Stage when frozen

Day frozen

Any children resulting from this batch of embryos?

Number of children born from the fresh cycle for this batch?

Number of children born from the frozen cycle for this batch?

Any other children? (If so please explain)
Had one baby from first fresh cycle, one baby from first frozen cycle.

We had a 100% thaw rate with the embryos we transfered for the frozen cycle we did.

Implantation occured on first try for each of our children with two viable embryos implanted each time (i.e. one singleton pregnancy was carried to term from both of the two transfers we did).
We want to donate these embryos to a couple facing discrimination in adoption. We know it can be wonderful for both the donor & recipient families because we already have the experience of interacting with another couple's kids who happen to share half their chromosomes with one of us.

One of us had an IVF cycle (without pay) to donate 22 eggs to friends who wanted to have kids when they were in their late 40's. We see them & their twins several times per year. Their kids are like cousins to our kids. We don't expect that level of interaction from this donation but if it worked for both families we would make ourselves available.

We are two women who both wanted to be part of creating our kids (one partner gave eggs, the other partner carried the resulting pregnancies). We were not infertile when we had IVF, it was just the only way for us to both get onto the birth certificate.

Embryologists at the Abraham Center reported in Reuters Health that transfers with embryos from patients who are not infertile have up to twice the success rate as when using embryos from patients with infertility.

Female Information: (If an egg donor was used, enter the info for the egg donor)

Was egg donor used?

Age at time of IVF cycle


If other please state race:

Eye color:

Hair color:
Medium Brown

5'9 to 5'11

Blood type:

Education/employment background:
Two Master's Degrees. Work in health care field. Employed full-time. I attended an Ivy League university. SAT: 1350 of 1600 (720 verbal, 630 math). Tested IQ 136. I speak two foreign languages fluently and two others conversationally.

I love to travel, learn from different cultures & read. I'm a bicycle tourer who has crossed several countries by bike, including the US.

Please note: semen donor and I are both A+ blood type but we both have recessive genes for A- (we know this because one of my children has A- blood). There is a one in 4 chance a child resulting from this embryo donation will have A- blood and a three in 4 chance s/he will have A+ blood. This is an issue only if embryo recipient has a negative RH blood type but is easily addressed during pregnancy if applicable.


Ethnic background (eg. German, Scottish, etc.)
Austrian Ashkenazi, Dutch Sephardic, German, Polish

Male Information: (If a sperm donor was used, enter the info for the sperm donor)

Was sperm donor used?

Age at time of IVF cycle


Eye color:

Hair color:
Medium Brown

5'5 to 5'8

Blood type:

Education/employment background:
Medical Doctor. SAT: 1460 of 1600. Undergrad at Emory University in Atlanta. Attended med school in Boston. His dad is Jewish, his mom is Catholic. Since I'm tall (5'10") we used a semen donor of average height (5'8"). Pediatrician says one of our kids is consistently exactly average height/weight. The other is tall and slim.


Ethnic background (eg. German, Scottish, etc.)
Jewish, German, English, Irish, Italian

Hobbies/Interests/Other info (Please also clarify any answers from above or include any info you would like to share)
Semen Donor: martial arts, running, art. Medical doctor.

Couple with Embryos: we are two women, together almost a decade. We have two wonderful, healthy children from these embryos. We're done having kids. Our kids have been tested for every Jewish & Mediterranean disease and are negative. The state in which we gave birth tests for 60+ other genetic diseases. The kids were negative for everything.

Our Babies (see photo above): brown eyes, blond/light brown hair, fair skin. Both are very happy and affectionate. Little one is extremely engaged by people, toddler has advanced attention span, musical and fine-motor skills.

We prefer a lesbian couple to receive the embryos because lesbians are barred from adopting in most states and countries. Lesbians have to go through the adoption process twice, in states where they are even allowed to adopt: one partner adopts as a single parent, the other goes through the whole process again later as a second parent adoption.

We are interested in donating to a family willing to be honest with the kids about their conception in an age-appropriate manner. For instance, we have a great story book about IVF using donor gametes called "Before You Were Born: Our Wish for a Baby".

We would like an occasional update on your children. We would like to share info as our kids all develop (especially medical details). It would be nice to have some sort of mutually agreed upon contact between siblings at an appropriate age.

It would be great to find a couple who will raise their children to embrace their Jewish heritage. It's unlikely we can find a Jewish lesbian couple, so we're flexible but we strongly prefer a lesbian couple.

Until such time as all loving couples have legal equality in forming and protecting their families, we're donating only to a lesbian couple to do our little part to level the playing field.

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