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Embryo Donation Agreement/Contract Samples 

The sample agreements/contracts that you find here have been made available to give a frame of reference or a starting point for those pursuing embryo donation, but they should be considered at most a draft contract to be used for discussions of the arrangements between the donors or recipents and their legal counsel.

Embryo Donation Agreement - Sample 1
Embryo Donation Agreement - Sample 2
Embryo Donation Agreement - Sample 3
Embryo Donation Agreement - Sample 4


The provision of the above links to sample agreements/contracts does not constitute by any means a recommendation by Miracles Waiting, Inc. for substitution for the use of legal counsel by those pursuing embryo donation. The sample agreements/contracts available here are for informational purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for legal representation.


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Nearly 400,000 embryos are stored in the United States,
88.2% are targeted for patient use, and
2.8% are available for research.