2 Beautiful Embryos in Search of Joyful Family


I have 2 children (age 19 months and 5 years) from egg donation, with my husband's sperm. The donor for my youngest was open from the start, in a shared cycle with a friend who was also seeking to have a second child. I learned so much from my her about the psychological benefits to a donor-conceived child, in having full access to who helped create them. I wanted very much to offer this to both my children, and was even able to open the anonymous relationship with my eldest's egg donor to known.

Together, we found a fantastic known donor to make our families complete. We both had boys from that cycle. We also keep in touch with another family that conceived twins, a boy and a girl, now 2 ½, from our same donor’s eggs. All parties are so excited about the possibility of a 4th family and that additional connection.

My husband is an easygoing, supportive father, partner and friend, quick to see humor in a situation and an infectious laugh. He has a creative side, and loves to bake bread, make beautiful pottery. He has always enjoyed canoeing, camping, the night sky, and gardening. He works as Data Analyst and Product Manager for a software company.

Our donor is a beautiful, very athletic, intelligent, kind, outgoing young woman who recently completed a double Masters Degree as a Nurse Practitioner and in Health/Hospital Management. Currently, she is training to be a Critical Care Air Transport Nurse. We keep in touch, updating each other with pictures and news.

I have a degree in Anthropology and am a professionally trained cook. Currently, I am a stay at home mom, valuing the time I am able to spend with my boys at this important stage. I plan to return to teaching part time cooking classes, from our home, when both our boys are school age.

Our main priority is an open relationship and contact, as the child desires, growing up. Religious affiliation is not as important as good chemistry and core values. Location in NE, East Coast, and US, in that order of preference, is preferred, but, again, chemistry and a good fit is our main objective.

You will be receiving two embryos from an excellent clinic that has a solid and proven 86% success rate with donor egg created embryos. Although we brought our own donor to the clinic, they said she exceeded their very selective criteria, in every regard. There are 4 babies from this donor that we know of, as well as 2 live births from an donation she made to egg banks prior to becoming a known donor. She has a very strong record of live, healthy births. Because of the quality of the lab and clinic where these embryos were conceived, the chances of one baby from these embryos is excellent with a better than average chance to have a second child.

Our embryos were not PGS tested due to the young age of the donor. We do not know gender. They are vitrified, on 2 separate canes.

We have legal permission to donate these embryos, and the donor would love to speak/skype or with the family we hope to make a connection with, if they so desire.


Preference of living distance from recipient:
Not too far away

Infertility diagnosis or N/A:
Low ovarian reserve.

Information about the embryo(s):

Name and city/state of clinic where embryos were created
Atlantic Reproductive Medicine, Raleigh, NC

Name or city/state of clinic/facility where embryos are stored:

Number of embryos available

Year frozen

Overall embryo batch quality
two total: a 3AB and a 2BB, vitrified on separate canes

Stage when frozen

Day frozen

Any children resulting from this batch of embryos?

Number of children born from the fresh cycle for this batch?

Number of children born from the frozen cycle for this batch?

Any other children? (If so please explain)
Half brother using egg from a previous donor.

Female Information: (If an egg donor was used, enter the info for the egg donor)

Was egg donor used?

Age at time of IVF cycle


Eye color:

Hair color:


Blood type:

Education/employment background:
2 Masters Degrees: 1 in Healthcare and Hospital Management 2nd as Nurse Practitioner

non affilitated

Ethnic background (eg. German, Scottish, etc.)
Swiss, Latino, Native American

Male Information: (If a sperm donor was used, enter the info for the sperm donor)

Was sperm donor used?

Age at time of IVF cycle


Eye color:

Hair color:
Medium Brown


Blood type:

Education/employment background:
Combined BA Math/BS Applied Physics from an Ivy League College
Masters Degree in Plasma Physics


Ethnic background (eg. German, Scottish, etc.)
French, Irish, German

Hobbies/Interests/Other info (Please also clarify any answers from above or include any info you would like to share)

Team and individual sports, especially volleyball and running. Avid baker, and potter, both thrown and hand built. Enjoy gardening, especially heirloom vegetables. Big fan of canoeing and very interested in learning how to sail and saltwater fish. Endlessly fascinated by Nature and the night sky. Sharing these things with my boys and family is very joyful for me.

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