Susan's Story (No Title)

Like many others who pursue Embryo Donation, we spent over 7 years dealing with infertility, including 5 under the care of a Reproductive Endocrinologist. You name it, and we had tried it. 12 cycles of Clomid, 7 cycles of injectible drugs, one laparoscopy, 2 hysteroscopies, one miscarriage, one chemical pregnancy and one tubal pregnancy. We would surely have had a winning hand if we were playing poker, but in the reality called life, we didn’t even have a pair of 2’s in our hand.

After our third failed attempt at IVF, and with no frozen embryo’s left, we moved on to a phone consult regarding donor eggs. We were told that our odds were very good – in the 70% range – but for some reason it still didn’t feel right. Neither my husband nor I were convinced that this was what we were supposed to do. So, as we mulled over this option, as well as thoughts of adoption, I turned once again to an online bulletin board that had been a great source of support during our struggles with IF. Right there before me was an “offer” of donor embryos.

A flurry of e-mails ensued as we got to know each other through pictures and e-mails. Within a few short weeks, we had worked out the details, I had met with an attorney about the legal agreement and the process was underway. Our donors graciously consented to the additional testing required by the lab (basic bloodwork and a genetics interview and screening), which had to be completed prior to moving the embryos to my lab.

Within 4-1/2 months of meeting our donors online, we transferred three beautiful, 8 celled embryos – and learned just 10 days later that we were pregnant with twins. Our son and daughter were born in July, 2003 – undoubtedly the happiest day of our lives. They truly are miracles.

But we are also so fortunate for the relationship that has developed as a result of embryo donation. The bond that we have formed with our donors is amazing; I feel like I have another sister now, living in another part of the country. We continue to e-mail frequently, and were fortunate to meet in person when our babies were just over a year old. We will be eternally grateful to them – not just for our children, but also for the bond that has developed between the two families. Hopefully there will be more visits in future years; it’s wonderful knowing that our children have such an amazing, caring extended family

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