Life Before, After, and In-Between Embryo Donation   

As any family that has gone through infertility can appreciate, our infertility diagnosis was shocking and painful. We were at a loss for how to create a family and when we first learned about embryo donation, it became the answer to our prayers.

Although our infertility journey was hard, once we decided on embryo donation, we got lucky and found our son’s donors pretty quickly. We emailed back and forth for a while, talked on the phone, and then finally agreed to meet. At that time, embryo donation, particularly through a donor we found via the Internet, was highly unusual. When we first met with them, we had a good conversation, but it was awkward given what was at stake. We met at a restaurant near their house, and if the folks in the next booth were listening, I can only imagine what they thought.

After our meeting, the donors agreed to give us their embryos. We found a clinic, shipped the embryos, and did the transfer. We got incredibly lucky and got pregnant with my son.

My son’s birth changed our family completely. Children became parents, parents became grandparents, and siblings became aunts and uncles for the first time. After years of feeling the emptiness during the holidays, he makes them fun again.

One of the difficulties in confronting infertility is accepting the loss of a biological child. I used to fantasize about what a biological child would look like and be like. Now, we can’t imagine another child in place of our son and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. He is the child God chose for us, the child we dreamed about, and the child we fell in love with.

Our son was born several years ago, but unfortunately, there were no leftover embryos to try for a sibling. Our subsequent attempts, with separate donors, have been utter failures (miscarriage in one case, loss of embryos during thawing in the other case). So we still search, and we still hope to complete our family via embryo donation. Yet, although these recent challenges have been painful, we believe that in the end, when our family is complete, it is the family we were meant to have. And our children will have quite an amazing birth story, about not one, but two families, that went to extraordinary lengths to bring them into the world.

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