Gifts From Afar

I am amazed at the grace of human kindness.   I grew up an only child that was adopted and my story really is not that unusual other than where it has led me today.
I had a very happy life but always felt something was missing not having siblings. I can remember more times in my life as a young adult I would say " I will never have a only child"  All of my friends had brothers and sisters and  and I used to admire their relationships, and feel so deeply that there is something so special about having someone to grow up with.   Of course few know that they will have fertility problems when they begin their families but as fate would have it, I suffered from secondary infertility.
We have a wonderful son who is 9 and his biggest wish has been to have a brother and sister, as it once was mine. We tried to conceive and sought medical assistance for many years and was finally given the diagnosis of premature ovarian failure. From that point on my only option was adoption, egg donor  or embryo donation.  It took several years to let the diagnosis sink in and  I never felt complete.  We deeply wanted more children and since I was adopted I felt in my heart that I was being led to find a donor embryo. I deeply wanted to experience pregnancy again and after I did a lot of research and was astonished at the amount of "little ones" that were in need of a home. So I found embryo donation to be the best of both worlds.
It has been a whirlwind of emotions since I was led to the Miracles in Waiting  website. I placed a add and was really feeling that it was a long shot since there were so many in waiting and so few donors.  I will never forget the day I checked my e-mail and saw the reply of my angel from afar.  She read my story and information and said her situation was similar and that she felt we were meant to be a match.  Since that day we have  had a great deal of communication, and what a joy it has been getting to know her and her family. It is like fate brought us together in a miraculous way, and are now in the process of preparing to do the embryo transfer.  
I truly feel that god meant for all this to come to be and even in my struggles as a only child and being adopted, there was a plan for me. This very plan. I am amazed  and inspired at the heart of human compassion and the ability connect to a complete stranger that is willing to give you the gift that could change your life and answer prayers.   We hope for a successful transfer but regardless of the outcome, I feel so blessed to have been apart of this amazing  experience.

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The Miracles Waiting, Inc. Team