Becca's Story (No Title)

I found Miracles Waiting in my research to know more about Embryo Adoption. I have been on there quite a few times in the past but none of the  situations posted seem to fit our preferences. So, I never replied to a posting. Then one day, I just happened to look at the Miracles Waiting site. There was a posting for embryos available. I hit "Reply to Posting" and just wrote a short summary of who we were as a family. Little did I know that in another part of the country, someone would read it and be touched. The next day, my husband called me and said "Well, I have the answer to our question." I said "Okay, what question?" He said, "We are about to do an embryo adoption!" I almost ran off the road! He said he had been speaking to this couple and that they were wonderful. He said they had a lot in common and that they hit it off right away. I spoke with them the next day and it was true - they were wonderful! The miracles in this story are more than I can write. They just keep coming up and the blessings are never ending.

So, we are in the beginning stages of this adoption. We have the legal stuff drawn up and its awaiting final approval from the donating couple. I am headed to the doctor this week to discuss the process. I am so excited! I never thought in a million years that we would be chosen for these precious babies. We hope to do the transfer in September so I will keep you posted!!!! This site is wonderful. It offers a lot of helpful information to those interested in adopting and donating embryos. I gave this site to my attorney and he was able to get a lot of information to draw up our agreement. Blessings to you all!

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