Refund Policy

Miracles Waiting

Refund policy: Recipient Membership Subscription

The $150 US dollars we charge recipient families is non-refundable.

Due to the nature of this website, after a recipient family accesses the restricted area of the website where donor ads/profiles are available for contact, we do not issue a refund.

For anyone who has not accessed the restricted area of the website within the 1st two weeks of registration and asks for a refund (within the 1st two weeks), we give a partial refund. We charge a $35 dollar cancellation fee.

You can see/read copies of donor ads/profiles before you join/pay for membership

Copies of embryo donor ads/profiles are available at the link below to view only. Please keep in mind that not all donors submit an ad/profile. Sometimes, they prefer to contact recipient families with ads/profiles available at the website.


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