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 Our Latest Recipient and Donor Ads/Profiles
Title - Dated Location
Title: Married, in 30's, seeking to start a family 2017/3/15 ID
Title: Two embryos for donation 2017/3/14 Alabama
Title: family of FOUR with MORE love to share seeks snowflakes 2017/3/14 Utah
Title: Praying for our miracle embryos to arrive! 2017/3/13 Texas
Title: Seeking to share the gift of parenthood with open, local cou... 2017/3/11 Washington
Title: Hoping for a Rainbow after Fullterm Stillbirth 2017/3/8 Prescott
Title: Looking for a loving family for our remaining embryos 2017/3/7 TX
Title: Two professional moms in waiting 2017/3/3 TX
Title: Hoping for a dream come true 2017/3/2 New York
Title: **MATCHED** Two embryos available 2017/2/27 Illinois
Title: 5 Miracles Waiting 2017/2/25 MI
Title: 3 Embies, Professional Loving Family of 4, looking for an op... 2017/2/25 CT
Title: Loving couple hoping for a sibling for our "super aweso... 2017/2/23 North Carolina
Title: Loving couple of mixed heritage seeking to start a family 2017/2/23 Vermont
Title: Seeking the Adventure of a Lifetime 2017/2/23 Virginia
Title: One embryo available for donation 2017/2/16 New York
Title: Seeking Jewish embryos to complete our family 2017/2/16 OR
Title: Fun and Loving Christian Family Praying for a Miracle 2017/2/13 Saskatchewan
Title: Four embies seek open relationship 2017/2/6 CO
Title: High school sweethearts praying for a blessing! 2017/2/2 Montana
Title: Loving multiracial Christian couple looking to adopt bi-raci... 2017/1/31 Nova Scotia
Title: Two Embryos Looking for a Mom & Dad 2017/1/28 DE
Title: Two Embryos available for semi-open donation 2017/1/27 MD
Title: Looking for an open family 2017/1/24 Oregon
Title: Asian/Caucasian Couple in Seattle seeking parenthood 2017/1/24 WA
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Professional Listing and Banner Submission

Miracles Waiting is now offering advertising to clinics, agencies and any organizations or businesses who serve the fertility community.

The majority of visitors and members of the
Miracles Waiting Website are families and/or individuals with infertility issues who are searching for information and exploring their options for ways that could enable them to create the families that they have always wanted.

The Miracles Waiting Website receives about 6,000 UNIQUE VISITORS per month and more than 200,000 HITS per Month.

Your listing and/or banner will be available on the Miracles Waiting Website at the "Professional Directory" for a year or two depending on your purchase choice and it will show as follows:


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To add a banner to our website you need to also add a listing or
already have a listing at our professional directory.

Categories Available and Prices


Adoption - $150 US dollars/year
Alternative Treatments - $150 US dollars/year
Attorneys (Fertility Law) - $150 US dollars/year
Embryo Donation Programs - $500 US dollars/year
Egg Donation Agency - $150 US dollars/year
Coaching Services - $150 US dollars/year
Cryobanks - $150 US dollars/year
Fertility Clinics - $150 US dollars/year
Fertility Consultants - $150 US dollars/year
Mental Health - $150 US dollars/year
Fertility Pharmacy - $150 US dollars/year
Physicians - $150 US dollars/year
Support Groups - $150 US dollars/year
Surrogacy - $150 US dollars/year
Other - $150 US dollars/year
BANNERS: (All Categories)
12 months - $1000.00 US dollars
24 Months - $1750.00 US dollars


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"As a donor embryo recipient mom, I can say I wish this website would have been available to me several years ago! Super site! Nicely done! Very informative! Thank you for your great work in helping others."

Robin - Texas

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