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Is your family complete? Are you looking into donating your remaining embryos?

Looking to start or add to your family with the help of donated embryos?

Miracles Waiting Can Help!

Miracles Waiting Can Help!

Connect with recipient families through our website from the comfort of your own home, with no geographical barriers. We have recipient families from all over the USA, looking for donated embryos.

And, our service is free for donor families!

Embryo Donor?

Connect with donor families through our website from the comfort of your own home, with no geographical barriers. We have donor families from all over the USA.

We charge embryo recipient families a one-time $150 fee. The fee provides the following: access to the website for life, the ability to contact donors with profiles available, and an initial ad/profile, which is good for a year. After that first year or after the first ad/profile expires, we charge recipients $35 to add a new profile to the website, and that profile will be good for another year.

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Anyone who wants to donate or receive embryos through the Miracles Waiting Embryo Donation Program.

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 Our Latest Recipient and Donor Ads/Profiles
Title - Dated Location
Title: Fun and Loving Couple looking for Snowflake Miracle 2017/12/11 Ontario
Title: Loving family looking to complete our family 2017/12/6 MA
Title: Christian couple married 20 years seeking precious arrows... 2017/12/5 FL
Title: Devoted couple longing to start their family 2017/12/5 Texas
Title: Crew of TWO looking to multiply 2017/12/2 SC
Title: Colorado family of 3 Looking to complete our silly fun crew 2017/11/30 CO
Title: Eight embryos looking for a loving family and open adoption 2017/11/29 CA
Title: NY embies looking for loving home 2017/11/29 NY
Title: Seven embryos made in Iowa, waiting for their forever family... 2017/11/29 Texas
Title: Fun loving couple seeking to bless others through your preci... 2017/11/28 WA
Title: 3 embryos available to loving home 2017/11/26 ID
Title: Two A/B Embryos Available to Loving Family 2017/11/26 CO
Title: Looking for a couple to love our remaining babies 2017/11/26 Virginia
Title: Embryos seeking chance at life with wonderful family 2017/11/20 MN
Title: 4 embryos to offer in open donation in/around Portland, OR 2017/11/20 OR
Title: Loving Couple Wishing for Snowflakes 2017/11/16 New Jersey
Title: 10 Embryos (love to donate and give these embryos a chance a... 2017/11/15 CA
Title: SMC looking to add #2 2017/11/13 Tennessee
Title: Los Angeles snow babies need family 2017/11/11 CA
Title: Seeking stable, loving home(s) for six PGS embryos 2017/11/11 Texas
Title: Looking to find our baby girl, Mallory! 2017/11/7 AZ
Title: Two loving moms seeking happy, caring home(s) for our 6 embr... 2017/11/6 VA
Title: Joyful and grateful family hoping to grow! 2017/11/6 Maine
Title: Happy loving couple seeking help to become parents 2017/10/30 MS
Posted by paloma on 2011/12/9 18:11:00 (4987 reads)

After 10 long years of multiple IVF cycles and so many losses - our dream came true….

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Posted by paloma on 2010/9/17 5:15:00 (5436 reads)

We have been asked by Hannah Dowling (a senior at Elon University pursuing research on women's experiences with embryo donation) to post this here at the Miracles Waiting website.

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Posted by paloma on 2010/2/15 17:48:00 (4745 reads)

We have been asked by Anna Magee (a Journalist doing a feature on embryo adoption for a UK glossy magazine named Grazia) to post this here at the Miracles Waiting website.

She would like to profile a British woman who is either currently pregnant or has had a baby through embryo donation.

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Posted by paloma on 2009/7/21 16:10:00 (7048 reads)

This story "A perfect match for us on so many levels..." was sent to us by one of our members. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and send it to us so we can post it here!!!

Thank you,
The Miracles Waiting Team

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Posted by paloma on 2009/5/27 11:57:00 (5310 reads)

“I struggled for years over what to do with my embryos…. now I am resolved…… and because of MW I made a lovely connection to this amazing couple, who struggled for years with failed IVF, failed donor egg….. and who will soon be parents.” SAYS ONE OF OUR FORMER DONORS.

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"As a donor embryo recipient mom, I can say I wish this website would have been available to me several years ago! Super site! Nicely done! Very informative! Thank you for your great work in helping others."

Robin - Texas

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