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Miracles Waiting News : THE ARRIVAL OF A BABY BOY!
Posted by paloma on 2007/3/14 18:35:00 (21311 reads)

“We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity you gave us,” SAYS NEW MOTHER.

NEWS RELEASE Date: March 14, 2007 CONTACT: Janey Cleveland Email: info@miracleswaiting.org


Two families came together in a very special and unique way to bring about this birth. “This miracle baby birth is the first birth from Miracles Waiting that we know of, although there have been many pregnancies and I suspect they just haven't told us of the births,” says Janey Cleveland, founder and President of Miracles Waiting. This special baby’s incredible journey into this world began when a tiny frozen embryo was thawed and transferred to his recipient mother. “After three FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) attempts with the donated embryos, we found success!!” says Anne, the new mother. In most cases between 50-80% of the frozen embryos typically survive the thawing process and continue dividing. The overall chance of pregnancy with a FET is 20% - 25% per transfer. While this number may seem low, it still offers great hope for the many thousands of infertile couples who may benefit from receiving donated embryos.

After years of infertility and with a five year old adopted son, Anne and Chris had tried unsuccessfully to bring a new child into their family, but after the loss of premature triplets they heard the news from their reproductive endocrinologist that their chances for a biological child looked bleak. At that point they were introduced to the Miracles Waiting Organization where they added a profile ad as they became very excited with the prospect of becoming parents through the miracle of embryo donation. “Two weeks later, we were incredibly blessed to be chosen by one of your donor couples,” says the new mother. Anne and Chris embrace the opportunity to share their story in the hope to create an awareness of embryo donation as a family building alternative!

The new baby’s embryo was created years ago during the infertility treatment know as in vitro fertilization – IVF, as his donor parents dealt with their own infertility. As often occurs after IVF, the couple found themselves with remaining embryos that were frozen for later use, but feeling that their family was complete the donors decided to give someone else a chance at parenthood. “Since our donation, we have developed a close friendship with the donor family and they have been our strongest cheerleaders. The wife of the donor couple was even at the birth of our son Brandon, born January 18, 2007. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our dreams come true!” says Anne.

We would like to take the opportunity to make those facing infertility aware of embryo donation as a family building option. And to the genetic parents when they decide that their family is complete and embryos are still available, please consider the possibility of embryo donation as one of your choices. Donating the remaining embryos to someone who is unable to conceive is a very real alternative that can also be genuinely gratifying.

For more information about embryo donation, contact Miracles Waiting at info@miracleswaiting.org or visit their website, www.miracleswaiting.org.

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