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Who needs to REGISTER?
Anyone who wants to donate or receive embryos through the Miracles Waiting Embryo Donation Program.

You need to register in order to post an embryo donor or recipient ad/profile at the Miracles Waiting Website or contact families with ads/profiles available at this website. Please choose the registration option that applies to you.

The registration process usually takes 24 Ė 48 hrs in order to gain access to the restricted areas of this site. You will receive an email letting you know you have access to the restricted area of the website.

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Donor Membership


We donít charge membership fees to donor families who are considering donating their remaining embryos to a family looking to receive donated embryos in order to create a family or to add children to their family. . If you are a fertility clinic with embryos available for donation and would like to list available embryos from your clinic at this site please contact us at: paloma@miracleswaiting.net


Recipient Membership

Price: $150.00 (This is a one-time set up fee for a recipient membership subscription)

We charge recipients and those interested in embryo donation a one time fee for membership subscription to the restricted "Members Only Area." For your convenience we use PayPal for payment. Please follow the Recipient Membership link for subscription.


Transfer Existing Membership:

Your membership to Miracles Waiting is not transferable to anyone else and you may not share your login details with anyone. These details are for your personal use only and you understand that if you share them you can lose your privileges and access to the restricted area of the website.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Miracles Waiting

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