Embryo Recipient Website Subscription and Confidentiality Agreement

Embryo Recipient Website Subscription and Confidentiality Agreement

Dear applicant,

Thank you so much for your interest in the Miracles Waiting Embryo Donation Program. We are very excited to have you! Please take a moment to read and complete this application/agreement for our records. This is a binding contract.

Your application will be reviewed and, upon acceptance, you will be given full access to the restricted area of the website (our embryo donor and recipient's profiles).

You can expect to receive an email from us letting you know that you have access to the website's restricted area within 24 - 48 hours of receipt of your application and confirmation of payment. There is a one time charge of US$ 150.00 for all those applying as an embryo recipient. This will give you the ability to post an ad/profile, and you will also be able to contact families with embryos available for donation.
Our $150 one time charge is NON-REFUNDABLE. Please see our Refund Policy Page for more information:


Also, please note: we are not a clinic, and we do not have embryos available for donation in storage. Our program is entirely web based and works as a matching service for donors and recipients. This allows the donors to make "known" donations and for both the donors and recipients to create the agreement and relationship they want. It is always up to the family donating the embryos who they pick for their embryos and not us.

We DO NOT do the matching. Most donations arranged through Miracles Waiting are known donations and, at a minimum, you will have email contact directly with the donor families and not through Miracles Waiting. You will be just using the Miracles Waiting website/platform to connect with donor families.
Furthermore, we do not provide legal counsel or advice on any area of the Embryo Donation Process. We just offer a meeting platform for embryo donors and recipient to find each other. We absolutely do not get involved in the donation process.

We do NOT reject applications without contacting the applicant to discuss why they are being rejected. So if you do not hear from us within 72 hours, you can assume that there was some problem during the transmission of your application, and you should contact us to let us know about the problem.

Please Note: Those using the Miracles Waiting Website cannot use Miracles Waiting to try to sell or buy embryos.

Also, when donating or receiving embryos, you should always seek legal representation to draw up an embryo donation contract so you can protect yourself and others involved from engaging in any unwillingly illegal transaction.